Examples of Our work

Lack Of Routine Maintenance


This air filter is completely clogged causing very poor gas mileage.   We check everything during an oil change.

Blown Head Gasket


Engine overheating usually warps the heads requiring a machinist to plane the head flat again.   This motor is waiting for the repaired heads.

An Engine we Rebuilt


This 8 cylinder motor was only running on 6 cylinders.   Here is a picture after the motor was rebuilt.

Large 4-bay Shop


Two car lifts in two bays of the shop can handle up to 10,000 lbs.   Also a grease pit is available for larger vehicles that cannot be lifted

No Vehicle Too Large


We work on all size vehicles, big or small.  We also have worked on dump trucks and bull dozers to boat trailers to lawn mowers and generators.

VW Turbo Tiquan Motor All Ready


Work on many different types of vehicles